Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost
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Tucked in a valley, at the foot of Round Mountain, among the graceful Maples & Oaks you will find our Little Brown House. Smoke billows from the chimney seven or eight months out of the year, a river rambles nearby, sheep & cows graze in the meadows and turkey's forage along the olde stone walls.

"I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions" ~ Augusten Burroughs.

"People aren't longing to be impressed; they're longing to feel like they're home. If you create a space full of love and character and creativity and soul, they'll take off their shoes and curl up with gratitude and rest, no matter how small, no matter how undone, no matter how odd." Shauna Niequist.

Monday, April 24, 2023

Mondays, Aging, Stitching & Baking


I woke early this morning, earlier than I have woken since November.  As I grow older I find (or perhaps finally realize) my body naturally moves with the earth's rhythm and this year, I listened to my body's wish demand for "wintering."  I use to force myself away from these natural rhythms, keeping the same schedule for work, life, eating, etc., all year round. However, one of the luxuries of growing older is the ability to listen to your body more...often out of necessity because, as you grow older, the refusal to listen to your body begins to have consequences. **Please excuse me for a moment, I must give my focaccia dough a stretch and fold/slap and shape**   Alright, my dough is now tucked into its proofing container for its bulk rise, on to today's post.... My mind and body are still working together, thank goodness, to let me know what is needed before everything goes awry. Those little hints and pushes have always occurred but when we are younger, we think we have forever to ignore them!  Now that I have reached an age where doing what is best for my overall health is no longer a luxury, I have started paying attention!!!    I go to bed when my body commands I do so, I eat healthier, lighter, and more seasonally, and I keep my body moving....  Eating seasonally has become an important thing for us...more on that in another post. I could go on forever but I actually did not have the intention of this post being about aging...insert eye roll here :) oh, well, I shall put it in the heading and proceed ;)

....I woke early this cold rain, a cozy fire burning (thank you husband) and the cold winds making the newly open leaves dance.    It may be necessary to burn the fire all day today, rather than simply lighting a morning fire to take the chill off! I also woke to my head swimming with creative ideas.  This always seems to happen during "gazette week" it my mind looking to distract me or the process of writing and creating the gazette that brings about new ideas?  I'm choosing it to be the latter. :)    Once the gazette has donned its traveling clothes (a first-class stamp) and is on its way to my subscribers (by the end of the day) I will be free to bring all of these creative ideas to life...but first, I must begin stitching my primitive stool topper, which is part of what set these bubbling creative ideas in motion! I am still playing around with penny placement but I will have that settled and be ready to stitch tomorrow.  

Before I go, I wanted to share a link to the wonderful focaccia recipe I am making.  Again, it is from my favorite sourdough book ~ Artisan Sourdough Made Simple by Emilie Raffa.  Emilie shares this recipe on her website and it is a FANTASTIC one. Here is the link;  
Beginner's Guide to Sourdough Focaccia Bread - The Clever Carrot.  

What does this week hold for you, my friends?  

 Until next time, be well, be happy creative :) Doreen

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Creating A Spark


Goode day dear reader.  I hope this note finds you in goode health and grand spirits.  This week has been gazette week for me ~ the week I take all of the ideas, recipes, writings, quotes, and images which have been forming in my head, for this particular issue, and create something solid with them.  I typically "disappear" during this time as it takes over my days, needing concentration & focus to take the jumble of what is in my head and make it into something worth reading, timely, creative, and enjoyable (all of which I hope to accomplish with each issue).  It also takes flexibility as often what I have in my head refuses to come together in the way in which I had in mind.  Art ~ it does have a mind of its own.   I create the gazette in a manner most would likely find quite old-fashioned.  Building it like a scrapbook page..I start with a blank piece of paper then write my articles; stories, quotes, and recipes then begin cutting and pasting these onto the blank page along with my chosen graphics.  Without a doubt, there are simpler, and more efficient ways of doing this but it works for me and I enjoy it.  It is building something from various materials, much like my other artistic endeavors.  This week a nasty spring cold has added to the  "disappearing into my work" mode as once I "leave the studio for the day" at six, I find myself showering, putting on my pajamas, and falling into bed.  At 6:00 the next morning, I force myself out of bed and find myself wanting to go back to bed while having my morning coffee.  Spring colds....why must you be such a bother!!!

"To make art is to tend the light.  To serve as a kind of lighthouse keeper, for ourselves certainly, but also others who may be lost in the darkness" Anne  Brones.  I love this quote ~ it gives such meaning to creativity.

 Today, while Oliver and I took our morning wander through the yard and woods, I stopped by to visit my returning green friends, running my fingers through their delicate stems and leaves; early spring chives, garlic, rhubarb, Bee Balm, and wild Juniper.  "Hello little Bee Balm, how wonderful you look," Oh, Garlic, you look fantastic"  Our world makes an effort to please and create a spark within us, does it not?  We often take this for granted without ever giving it a thought.  The Bee Balm sparks creativity in my work as I think of a way to sketch their beautiful flowers.  Garlic and chives create a culinary spark and the wild Juniper, creates a spark of wonder as suddenly, we have it in our yard and woods ~ for the first time ever.  Where did it come from???    

This is what I hope to do with my Art... Create a spark of creativity through my creativity. :)

Tis chilly this morning, freezing the water in my favorite little coppery bird bath and leaving glittering frost in shady places.  The sun is warm however and soon, all will be warm and flowing once again.  Today, I must put the final touches on the gazette so that tomorrow I can head to the printers.  Later today, a bit more time working on another new design, a primitive stool topper :).  I am loving the rustic simplicity of it.

Enjoy the day my friends.  Until next time, Be Well, Be Joyful. Doreen

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 ~ Goode day friends

 Goode morning friends.  We wake to a gently falling rain here in Vermont.  The air is a little chilly as I sit by the fire, doing a little stitching and sipping my second cup of coffee.  A group of Robins scurry around the yard, plucking earthworms from the dirt, a job made much easier after yesterday's steady rain.  Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird (my word, the blue of their wings, when they fly by, is absolutely stunning) flutter back and forth as they move into their new home, a nesting box on our front porch, for the second year in a row.  I love watching them, they are shy but determined and seem to have gotten used to our routines and take care of their moving in & nest-building accordingly. :)

This morning, after tidying the house and planning tonight's dinner, I am working on the May issue of The Little Brown House Gazette.  This afternoon & evening, around dinner and yoga class, I will begin stitching a new design ~ a primitive stool topper made with some new hand dyed textures from Blackberry Primitives..they are gorgeous!  :).

What does this day hold for you?

Until next time my friends ~ be well, Doreen

Monday, April 17, 2023

New Wool Applique Pattern & accompanying Willard Inn Story :) HELLO FRIENDS!

The Willard Inn~ A Brutal Winter

By Doreen Frost 

Hannah woke in the middle of the night to the hush brought on by snow.  Graham lay next to her, a mere lump under the large pile of quilts.  He had only come to bed a short time ago but was already deep in sleep.  This winter had been the coldest they had ever experienced, and, for that reason, their routines had changed much!  Not wanting the fires to die down, as they typically would overnight, he was now staying up into the small hours to keep them going strong. Hannah lay there, feeling his warmth next to her, grateful he was getting some much needed rest. 

Though Graham had stoked the fires just recently, Hannah could still feel a deep cold seeping into the room.  Despite the many efforts they had made over the last two months of bitter, bitter cold, it still managed to force its way into their home through the olde windows and doors and anywhere else it could manage.  They, along with everyone else they knew, had rolled fabric and placed it beneath the doors, and hung quilts or blankets, if they could spare them, over each of their windows. 

Winters in New England could certainly be harsh but this one was particularly brutal.  Three feet of snow lay thickly over every surface, and though it presented challenges as far as getting around, it was welcome during this winter of brutality, as it helped to insulate the homes and barns.  Hannah and Graham spent these winter days like their neighbors, doing all they could to keep themselves and their animals warm and fed.  Everyone in the little New England village had suffered, some most desperately, but the town had come together and helped one another so that everyone was faring well now.  People with a little more shared with those who needed it; food, clothing, shelter, wood & encouragement.  Neighbor was helping neighbor in the most wonderful way making a very difficult time, a little easier to bear. 

Hannah, now fully awake, sat up and eased her way out from under the quilts and woolen blankets and lit the bedside lamp.  A warm glow encircled the room as she tucked the quilts more snuggly around Graham.  She put another pair of wool leggings on, under her flannel nightgown, slid her stockinged feet into her slippers, put on her robe, and wrapped her wool shawl around her shoulders.   Taking the lantern, she made her way down the stairs, through the quiet house, and into the warmth of the kitchen.  She put the kettle on for coffee, lit candles, and lanterns, and tended the wood stove in the main part of the house before returning to the kitchen to fill the cookstove and add wood to the great stone fireplace.

When the coffee was ready, she fixed herself a cup, spread butter and jam on a biscuit, and pulled her rocking chair closer to the hearth.  She laid a blanket across her lap and took her stitching from its basket.  She had been working on a new rug, this one made from small and medium circles cut from olde woolens that were no longer able to be made into anything else.  She had gathered the faded greens, reds, browns, and creams and stitched them together, placing smaller circles on top of larger ones, creating small stitched “stacks”.  Once the stacks were all stitched, she laid them out on the table and pinned the stacks in rows of different sizes, onto a burlap backing.  She took a sip of the hot coffee, and a bite of biscuit and laid the rug across her lap, and smiled contentedly to herself.  Her stitching is always a wonderful distraction during difficult times.

Far too quickly the warmth of the fire began to recede as the cold began to make its way across the kitchen floor, wrapping itself around Hannah’s ankles. She stood up, placed her stitching on the table, and made her way from fire to fire, this time filling each one heavily with wood.  After making sure the doors and windows were covered snugly, she returned to the kitchen, made herself another cup of coffee, and took up her stitching again. She would continue her fireside vigil for another hour, and then, as dawn approached, she would put a pot of beans on the fire, start a batch of hearth bread and put some bacon to fry.  The kitchen would be welcoming and snug when Graham awoke after another short night. ~ by Doreen Frost   

*This story appeared in the January/February issue of The Little Brown House Gazette ~ I thought it would be fun to share it here with all of you, as I incorporated this penny rug into the story  & included this story, in the pattern :).

IN THE MOSSY WOOD ~ a wool applique pattern, is now available on my website :).  

Greetings friends ~ It is GOOD to see you.  It has been far too long since my last blog post.  I have lots of updating to do and more blog posts to share with you ~ stay tuned.  Enjoy the day, Doreen

Wednesday, September 1, 2021



"And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and Autumn was awakened." ~ Raquel Franco

Good morning my friends and HELLLOOO September.  The "BER" months have arrived!!! My favorite months!! A time for apple picking, cozy fires, glorious landscapes, and geese filling the sky!

We wake, on this first day of September, to chilly crisp air, heavy dew, and a cool and lovely day ahead.  I am off this morning to watch our little man until noon and then it is back home and into the studio, I go to fill orders.  I have been out of the studio much this week and I have a lot of catching up to do.  

How is your week going?  

Hugs, Doreen

Monday, August 30, 2021

August draws to a close....

 GOODE afternoon my lovely friends.  I apologize for my late greeting ~ twas a VERY busy day.  I took care of our little man (Grandson, Kurt Evan) then ran errands on the way home, once home, Oliver needed a walk, the flowers needed watering and the bird feeders needed filling. I usually do these last two things in the morning however, I left the house quite early and did not have the time. 

In the studio and settled, I am doing a bit of watercolor painting.  I am forcing myself to make MANY color wheels and to learn to mix paints using the three primary colors before I venture off to purchase special colors.  Watercolor supplies are expensive therefore learning to create a variety of colors using the three primary colors is important to me.  And, creating color wheels and swatches is also a perfect way to create muscle memory, and improve your watercolor skills!  DO you see that little pool of yellow-green?  That was the final color I painted, on this color wheel and, all of the colors were mixed in that one pan section.  It began as a yellow puddle of paint, made its way through all the rest of the colors, on the wheel, and ended as a puddle of green. I know that is something so simple but I find it fascinating and thrilling. I am also quite proud of myself that instead of ending up a muddy mess, at some point, each color came to life without much fuss and was quite close to what I was hoping for.  

I am off now to create another color wheel or two before Oliver James insists on his dinner.  Speaking of dinner...ours will be leftovers!! :) I love it when that happens. 

Enjoy the day my friends. hugs, Doreen  

Sunday, August 29, 2021


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sourdough Baking~ Pumpkin Cranberry Bread


Glad Tidings To You. There's just something so wonderful about the combination of pumpkin and a yeasted dough. The two work wonders for each other. :).  In this case, the yeast comes in the form of my sourdough starter (Beatrix), and oh my goodness, the result is fantastic.   

**A few NOTES..before we get started. Most recipes recommend you use your starter when it is at its peak. This simply means the time in the day when it is MOST ACTIVE. This is generally 4-6 hrs after you've fed your starter. That is IF your home temperature is generally between 68°~71° Fahrenheit. Colder and peak will take longer, warmer and the peak will happen soon. **Temperature is key when it comes to sourdough bread baking. KNOW your starter (and bread dough when baking). Learn how your starter (or bread dough) behaves in the temperature of your home and the rest is simple! Using your starter, at its peak, will ensure you achieve the best rise and helps with the timing, etc. of any given recipe. That being said....I find one of the nicest things about sourdough bread baking is, once your starter is established and really active, you can adjust any recipe to fit your own schedule. Making a loaf of sourdough bread takes time, at the VERY least it takes 8 hrs, (if your home is approx. 70°). However, most of that time is when your bread is rising or, "bulk rise" as it is called. You do have some active time in the first hour and active time again, during the last hour, however, it is truly not as difficult as it might seem. There are some hard and fast rules and a few "must do's" with sourdough bread baking, but once you have those are good to go!! OF NOTE...You can find my SOURDOUGH BREAD BAKING GOODE THINGS TO KNOW in the "Pages" section, in the column on the left :). Oh, FYI.... Timing is one of the hardest things to master when it comes to sourdough bread baking so I will tell you something I've discovered. You can use your starter after its peak.....Peak is "technically" the best time" as it ensures a nice big rise and a loaf full of lovely holes and chew. However, you can use your starter in any recipe, hours after its peak, and still, make an amazing loaf of bread. The loaf in these photos was made when my starter was 24 hours old and needed to be fed!!! Now, this will only work if your starter is very active and healthy, and I do not think it would work with a starter that is kept in the refrigerator. Beatrix (my starter) has never been refrigerated.... :) She lives on the right-hand corner of my breadboard, in the kitchen next to my cookbooks, in a lovely glass jar my sister gave me, is fed daily at 7:30 a.m., and is very healthy and happy. Generally, I have 100 grams of starter going all the time (give or take a few grams) when I want to bake, at 7:30 a.m., I will take out 50 grams of starter, feed it with 50 grams of water and 50 grams of flour and then use the remaining 50 grams of starter in my bread recipe! :).

NOW..... Let's get on with our recipe, shall we? :)   

My Timetable ~ use it or create your own using this one as a guide

8:00 a.m. ~ Make The Dough

8:15 a.m. ~ Mix Cranberry Filling

9:00 a.m. ~ Add Filling To The Dough

9:15 a.m. ~ Bulk Rise

4:30 p.m. ~ shape the dough

5:00-ish  ~ Second Rise

5:30-ish ~ Score The Dough

5:50~ish ~Bake

 This is the schedule that  I generally use when making this bread.  Please be aware, however, that times may vary.  Our home, on this particular day, was a fairly consistent  70* so my bulk rise took approx. 7 hours.    If your home is colder, the bulk rise (generally 6-8 hrs.)  will take longer.  If your home is warmer, the bulk rise will happen more quickly.  

Sourdough Pumpkin Cranberry Bread

This bread, lightly toasted and slathered with butter is positively heavenly!!  The ingredients are simple, the flavor exquisite, and the steps, though they may seem involved, I promise you, they are not. 

    **Your sourdough starter should be active and ready to bake with.  If you’ve gone the route of keeping your starter in the refrigerator, a few days before making this recipe, feed your starter daily, until bubbly and active.  Store at room temperature until you are ready to use it in this recipe.

Let’s begin………….

Dough  ( g = grams )

  50 g ( 1/4 cup) bubbly, active starter.

  250 g (1 cup plus 2 tsp.) warm water

  184 g (3/4 cup) good quality pumpkin puree. (not pie filling)

  500 g (4 cups plus 2 tbsp) Bread Flour

  9 g (1 1/2 tsp) fine sea salt 


  1 cup dried cranberries

  1 Tbl sugar

  1 tsp pure vanilla extract.  Maple extract works wonderfully as well.

  1/4 tsp each; Cinnamon, Ginger & Nutmeg.

  1 med/large Orange

 MAKE THE DOUGH(example 8:00 a.m.)   In a large glass bowl, (glass is best as it allows you to see your dough from all angles) whisk the starter, water, and pumpkin puree together with a fork.   Add the flour and salt.  Mix, using a rubber spatula, to combine until a stiff dough forms.  Wet your dominant hand and finish mixing the dough with your wet hand, until the flour is fully incorporated.  Cover the dough with a piece of plastic wrap (I butter the underside of mine) and let the dough rest for 45 minutes to an hour (I give it an hour).    **Remember to replenish your starter and store it in your usual manner.

MIX THE CRANBERRY FILLING: (example 8:15 a.m.)  Add the cranberries, sugar, vanilla, and spices to a small bowl. Halve the orange and squeeze the juice over the cranberry mixture.  Stir well to combine and set aside.

ADD THE FILLINGS: (example 9:00 a.m.)  After the dough has rested, add the cranberry mixture, with their soaking juices, to the bowl.  With wet hands, gently knead the fillings into the dough to incorporate.  This will only take a few minutes.

BULK RISE: (example 9:15 a.m.) Cover the dough with the plastic wrap and let rise at room temperature, 70* F, for about 6-8 hours or it has nearly doubled in size.  **OF NOTE… Doubled in size is a tricky term!!!  Generally, you want to look for your dough to have increased in growth, look soft and pillowy, rather than dense and heavy as it was when the bulk rise started,  have plenty of bubbles throughout (this is where a glass bowl helps), and may also have a few bubbles on the surface.

SHAPE THE DOUGH:  (example4:30 p.m.)  Carefully slide the dough from the bowl and place it on a lightly floured surface.  Shape into an oval or round (I do round) and let rest for 5-10 minutes.  Meanwhile, line a proofing basket or colander with a lint-free cotton towel that you’ve dusted heavily with flour.  *You do not want your dough to stick to the towel so really be sure to dust it well.  I dust it on liberally, with my hands, and then brush it around with a pastry brush.    CAREFULLY scoop up your little loaf and place it, seam side UP, inside your proofing basket or colander. 

SECOND RISE:  (example 5:00 p.m.) Cover the dough, lightly, with the edges of the dusted towel, and let rest until puffy, but not fully risen, about 30 minutes to 1 hour.  Mine took approx. 30 minutes. 

During the 2nd rise ~ preheat your oven and baking vessel.  (example 5:00p.m.)   Place your baking vessel, and cover, into the oven and preheat the oven to 450*  I use my enamel-coated, cast iron, stockpot.   Cut a piece of baking parchment, to fit the size of your baking vessel, and set aside.

 SCORE :  (example 5:30 )   Open the towel, place the parchment over the dough and invert the basket or colander to release the dough.  Gently flip the dough over, so the seam side is now down, and rub the top of the loaf lightly to remove any excess flour.  Now score your loaf using a very sharp serrated knife or razor blade.  I make a sort of long,  1/2 moon shape/cut, along one side of the loaf.   Now:  remove your baking vessel from the oven, take the top off, and,  using the parchment paper to transfer, carefully place the parchment,, and dough, into the pot.  Place the cover back on the pot (don’t forget to put your oven mitts back on) making sure the excess baking parchment is folded down over the outside edges……...

BAKE:  (example 5:50p.m.) Bake the bread on the center rack for 20 minutes, covered.  Remove the lid, rotate the pot (this will ensure even baking), and continue to bake for another 40 minutes. Keep an eye on your loaf, and if it looks like it might be getting too dark you can place the cover back on for the remainder of the baking.  I ended up placing my cover back on for the final 15 minutes.

Remove from the oven and let cool, on a baking rack for at least an hour before slicing.  IT is best to wait two hours.  If you do not wait long enough for sourdough bread too cool, before cutting, your loaf will have a gummy texture that is not pleasant.  IT is hard but you’ll be glad you waited

Store, wrapped in brown paper, wax, or freezer paper.

This loaf reheats nicely in the oven at 350* for 10 minutes or so.

I hope you love it and remember, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need assistance.  Enjoy ~ Doreen

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


GOODE day my deare friends. Tis cool & sunny here in Vermont as August draws to a close and Autumn knocks on our door.  The heat and humidity, which seemed our constant summer companion has finally departed (hopefully for good) and cool lovely air has taken its place. Geese are already gathering in the fields (it is early this year.....)  stopping by for rest, as they make their way south, for the Winter.  Turkeys forage for acorns, and this year, seem to be accompanied, quite often, by bears as we've had so many sightings this year.  We believe the dry summer has brought them off the mountains and into the valleys, looking for food (and eating huge quantities of corn, straight from the stalks).  What a wonderful time of year.  I love the cool crisp mornings.  Even when the days were still hot and humid, the August mornings have been cool.  Just two days ago,  I stepped out onto the deck, coffee in hand, daylight still an hour off, and was greeted by an owl, who hooted so loudly and so closely that I jumped and spilled my coffee.  He, or she, must have been in one the treetops just off the deck.  Goodness, it startled me. :). that I've written a book and not yet gotten to my reason for today's message....  

First of all, I apologize for being so out of touch. I have been quite busy getting the September issue, of The Little Brown House Gazette, out the door.  It was a larger than usual issue and, believe it or not, shipped a week early!!!!  I am still amazed I was able to pull that off!!  In the midst of it all, my son fractured his pelvis in a four-wheeler accident.  So very scary!  Thankfully, he is beginning to feel better now.    Due to his accident, I have been helping take care of our grandson and,  helping with our son as web show, which was originally scheduled for 08/18/2020,  was put on the back burner.  I was hoping to have been able to fit it in before August left us, however, it is just not possible SO, I have now rescheduled the show for Monday, September 7th at 4:00.  I hope you understand.

SPEAKING OF THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE....It has donned its traveling clothes (a first-class envelope and TWO stamps (it was a hefty issue this month) and began its trip around the world.  Tis a thick and lovely issue ~full of goode things and Autumn loveliness.  Another bonus ( the first one being it's a large issue) is that it shipped early!!!  It began its journey last week (August 21st to be exact) so it should be arriving at your doorstep any day now.  Please check back here, on the blog, on September 1st as I will have a Sourdough blog post to accompany the September issue.  Also, if you are not a subscriber, it is not too late ~ just pop on over to my website and subscribe.  Here's the link;

I am off now to put a chicken in to roast.  Our daughter and son-in-law, along with their dear friends raised chickens this summer to harvest.  They....harvested...them a couple of weeks ago.  We'll be having mashed potatoes and glazed carrots as well ~ perfect on this first, cool evening in August. 

Until next time my friends, wishing you health and happiness ~ Doreen

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Autumn & WInter Workshops.......

GOODE day my deare and lovely friends.  I hope this note finds you healthy and in goode spirits.  Ahh, the lovely month of August has arrived with it's cool & dewy mornings, warm days and teasing hints of Autumn just around the corner.  Chickadee's sing, mama turkeys wander the fields, with their brood, and pumpkins grow fat on the vines.  Oh, I do so love this time of year.  

I am busy, in the studio, creating and finalizing plans for the remainder of the year.  With the world such as it is, and my asthma being a concern, I have decided I will not be doing my Autumn & Winter workshops, here in our home, this year.  I will surely miss the comradery and deare friendships however, the prospect of a more relaxing Autumn honestly fills my heart with contentment.  I am enjoying this bit of respite, for me it is a time to recharge and refocus.  I feel like this slow down is a gift I've been given and I need to use it as such.  Of course, my heart breaks for everyone suffering with their health or in other ways due to the virus, and I am grateful for our health and well being and certainly do not take that for granted, I am simply turning this situation into a positive as best I can. :). 

Let us hope that 2021 will be a fresh new year filled with goode will, excitement, new plans and gatherings of all sorts. Until then my friends, may we be patient and kind and make the best of a difficult situation.

I'm off now ~ my stitching calls.  Until next time, be well my friends.  doreen

ps....Beatrix Potter (my sourdough starter) is still going strong and makes the most scrumptious bread I've ever had :).

Sunday, July 12, 2020

~New Offerings Available Today At Noon, On My Website~

GOODE afternoon my lovely friends.   I hope this message finds you well and not to terribly bothered by the heat of summer.  I must tell you ~ I do NOT care for the heat and humidity.  I have been spending my days dreaming of Autumn and Winter and making plans for the remainder of the year inside the coolness of our air conditioned home, during the day, and in my old rocking chair come evening. :) Okay..on to the news of the day.....
I am pleased to finally have some new offerings to share with you.  Our new way of life has brought about some changes for all of us.  Some of them challenging, perhaps in the beginning, but we adjust our mindset and we prevail.  To that end ~ due to the fact that I was not able to attend the Gathering Of Friends show, at The Old Tattered flag in June, I now have several finished pieces to offer you.  I plan to have this be the first of several "web shows" taking place, on my website through the new year.  As I will not be attending shows or holding workshops this year ~ I shall be able to make quite a few finished pieces and new pattern designs for all of you.  Goode really can come from a sudden change of plans and what we might see, at first,  as a let down or hardship.

So pop on by my website,,  today at NOON and visit the "Finished Offerings" category to see what I have available.
Until next time ~  Be safe and well my friends ~ hugs to all of you.  Doreen