Vermont Harvest Folk Art by Doreen Frost
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Tucked in a valley, at the foot of Round Mountain, among the graceful Maples & Oaks you will find our Little Brown House. Smoke billows from the chimney seven or eight months out of the year, a river rambles nearby, sheep & cows graze in the meadows and turkey's forage along the olde stone walls.


Monday, July 29, 2019

~As July Comes To A Close~

Goode morning everyone and thank you for dropping by my new At Home With Doreen Frost journal.  The sun is warm, here in Vermont this morning as I write this entry.  The air is muggy and a gusty breeze is blowing unable, it would seem, to choose a direction.    Oliver & I are just in from our morning routine of weed, water and walk.  A bit of weeding, a bit of watering, a bit of walking.  Each morning the enjoyable time is much the same; a chat with the herbs & flowers, a goode morning to our newly blossomed and sprouted vegetables, a grand HELLO to the tiny little pie pumpkins, of which I am so excited about. Oh the joys of pumpkin pie made from my own, homegrown, pumpkins!!!  Oh, the delights of cooking and baking with my beautiful herbs, the enjoyment of my carefully tended and harvested Eucalyptus & Sweet Annie hanging from pegs and hooks inside our home.  Life is goode.

Next on my list;
  • Discard and feed my sourdough starter (recipe and link in the column on the right). I will share more details in tomorrows journal entry.
  • Tidy house.
  • Studio work;  two orders to print, pack and pop in the mailbox.  Finish packaging and shipping this months club kits.  Pack and ship wholesale shop pattern order.
  • Dinner on the deck this evening;  Tossed green salad made with fresh garden lettuce and herbs and farm stand tomatoes.  Grilled chicken and Crusty bread.
  • Feed starter this evening before bed.
Until tomorrow ~ wishing you a joy-filled day, doreen

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